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As your trusted local Mechanic in Blackwood, we take great pride in offering the very best in car service and automotive repairs.

Blackwood Dyno Tune and Service is an independent, family owned and operated business, backed by Repco. Which means you get the friendly local service you expect from a family business, combined with the peace of mind from the Repco Nationwide Warranty.

Blackwood dyno tune and car service

Owner operator Ricky Monserrat has a passion for all things automotive and treats every car like he would his own, ensuring your vehicle is maintained in its safest and most efficient condition.

No obligation, free quotes on your Air-Con, Log Book Service, European & Luxury Car Servicing, Car Maintenance and Dyno Tuning along with a Full Range of Car Services. We service European Vehicles, Diesel vehicles, LPG Vehicles, Rear wheel drive cars, Front wheel drive cars, 6 Tonne Trucks, Trailers, Four wheel drives, Electric Cars, Hybrid Cars, Caravans and much more.

Blackwood Dyno Tune & Service auto repair workshop owner Ricky under bonnet car service

Full Range of Expert Car Servicing

Blackwood Dyno Tune provide a full range of expert car servicing and repairs and our mechanics look after you and your car with top level care, skill and professionalism. Here is a list of what our service centre can do:

• All mechanical repairs and full car servicing on most makes and models.
• Repco Authorised Service Nationwide Warranty on all work performed.
Repco Auto-Tech trained automotive technicians who are fully updated on all new car models with service bulletins and regular workshop clinics.
• New car servicing and fleet management solutions.

Full range of car servicing means: no matter what your problem, we can fix it! Whether it is called a major car service, a basic car service or a log book service, a major or minor repair - we can look after your car, all you need to do is call now or Book your next car service online.

Euro Car Service Blackwood

European Vehicle Specialist

Blackwood Dyno Tune & Service are your local European and Luxury car Service Specialists.

To get the most out of your European car you should always take it to a mechanic who is familiar with European vehicles and is aware of the differences between European models and cars built in Australia or imported from Asia. We are highly experienced and fully qualified to service and repair a range of European and Luxury Car Makes, including BMW, Porsche, Volkswagen, Audi and Jeep, just to name a few.

Blackwood Dyno Tune & Service have the experience, expertise and technology needed to service and repair a full range of European and Luxury vehicles right here in Blackwood SA.

We can stamp your books to maintain your new car warranty

We can service your new car. As your local Repco Authorised Service we can service your new car. We can carry out car maker's scheduled services and stamp your service book. Your new car warranty will be validated and protected.

Car Air Con Service Blackwood

It’s important for your car and the environment that you only choose a workshop that is qualified to carry out air conditioning services. You can download information on why you should only choose businesses who display the ARC Tick and the benefits of using ARC-licensed technicians here.

Blackwood Dyno Tune & Service care about the environment and have Arctick Authorisation to reliably and responsibly conduct automotive air conditioning service (AU00940). ARC Approved Car Air Conditioning Servicing reduces Fuel Costs and protects your health.  Find out more about car air conditioning here or Book a service now

Diesel 4WD and Diesel Passenger Car Service in Blackwood

Did you know we’re able to perform service and repairs on your diesel 4WD or diesel passenger car?
Modern diesel engines require the expertise and experience of a fully qualified automotive technician. Our service centre is professionally equipped to carry out the following repairs and services:
• Log Book Servicing
• General Servicing / Routine Maintenance
• Diesel pump and injector repairs
• Diesel knock diagnosis
• Scan Tool / Warning Light diagnosis
• Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) regeneration
• Inlet Manifold Carbon removal
• Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) Valve repairs
• Catch Can & Fuel Pre-filter Kit installation

Loan Cars at Blackwood Dyno Tune

Blackwood Dyno Tune mechanics understand that life can be busy and thats why we have two loan cars available, so you can get on with your life while we take care of your car! Pick-up and drop-off service in the local area is also available.

Blackwood Loan Car available with pick up and drop off in local area Blackwood Loan Cars for customers

To find out how we can help you have your car serviced or repaired with minimal disruption to your life, call us today! You can also make a car service appointment online.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

We share your care for our environment - all waste product including oils and coolants are disposed of using specialised automotive waste management services.

The local repairer you know and trust, backed by Repco

Blackwood Dyno Tune and Service is an independently owned and operated service centre. Every Repco Authorised Service is the same friendly local garage you're used to dealing with. Nothing changed, not even the name over the door. By becoming a Repco Authorised Service centre, we are now part of a growing national chain. So when you bring your car in you get friendly local service - and you get to talk to the mechanic who fixes your car.  Our mechanics aren't hidden away. You get to know them personally. They're only too happy to talk to you about your car and discuss any problems. It's just another part of our friendly local service. However as part of the Repco Authorised Service chain, we can now offer an even wider range of repair services, now even better equipped to look after you and your car.

Repco has seventy years of automotive history. The name Repco goes right back to 1922. From the earlier days of valve grinding and replacement parts to our race-bred technology with Sir Jack Brabham and Denny Hulme.

You are welcome by the friendly car service mechanic team at Blackwood Dyno Tune and Service!

The Repco Nationwide Warranty gives you peace of mind wherever you go

Repco Authorised Service Nationwide Warranty covers all quality Repco parts and labour . Honoured at over 400 Repco Authorised Service centres across Australia.

Repco Auto Tech Repair Technology

Repco Auto Tech training ensures the mechanic who works on your car is current with all the latest computerised diagnostic equipment and repair methods. All mechanics in the network receive service bulletin updates on all new models and attend regular training clinics.

Repco Auto-tech keeps us up-to-date with the latest technology. If you drive a late model vehicle you can be sure that we, as your local Repco Authorised Service centre will use the latest technology and repair methods. Repco Auto-tech keeps every mechanic fully updated on all new models with service bulletins and regular workshop clinics.

We are proud to be an American Express Card Member Favourite

We are proud t be an American Express Card Member Favourite  Visa Card Accepted  Mastercard-Accepted
We also accept Visa and Master Card  

For friendly car service from a trusted independent business, rely on the mechanics at Blackwood Dyno Tune and Service.

Call Blackwood Dyno or book your car service online!

Blackwood Dyno Tune & Service auto repair workshop owner Ricky welcomes you to professional car service in Blackwood SA

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