Engine Oil Sludge Removal


Blackwood Dyno Tune specialises in removing engine oil sludge and offers advice on how to prevent it.

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Why Choose Blackwood Dyno Tune?

  • Decades of Service & Experience: We have been established for over 20 years and offer a combined experience of decades.
  • Courteous Customer Service: We are friendly, honest and dedicated to our customer service.
  • Fair & Competitive Prices: We pride ourselves on charging you only what you should be paying, and no more.
  • Local and International Vehicle Experience: We can work on any type of car, old or new, European or Australian.

Blackwood Dyno Tune Engine Oil Sludge Removal Services:

  • Removing engine oil sludge
  • Engine oil sludge prevention
  • Engine examinations
  • Engine overhauls

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Why Healthy Oil is Important

Cars need engine oil in order to run smoothly. The engine oil’s function is to keep the engine system lubricated to safeguard it against engine wear due to friction.

A build-up of engine sludge can be a serious problem in old cars or for city cars that travel short distances. Over time, the oil sticks to the internal parts of the engine if it isn’t changed at regular service intervals. At Blackwood Dyno Tune, we ensure this doesn’t happen to our customers. Your oil should be changed regularly and we can do it as part of our regular servicing.

The key to a healthy engine is to keep the oil properly maintained. We recommend a flush of the engine oil system before an oil change to help remove sludge build up. You should follow the manufacturer’s service schedule that best suits your car’s operating conditions.

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