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Power steering is one of those things you don't really notice or think about until you find yourself without it. While the vehicle can still be controlled, without the power steering it takes much more effort. Blackwood Dyno Tune & Service helps maintain easy driving for their customers.

If driving around Blackwood is starting to feel as if you’re doing it in a tank, bring your car into Blackwood Dyno Tune & Service for a full inspection of your steering system. From fluids to belts, we will find out what is making steering your vehicle such a battle. Our steering services include:

  • Power steering flushing and repairs
  • Power steering rack repairs and replacement
  • Power steering pump reseals and replacement
  • High pressure and low pressure power steering hoses replacement

Power steering improves your ability to steer and control your car. It makes driving a much more pleasurable experience. There are 9 main parts that play a key role in a power steering systems as follows:

  • Hydraulic Actuator: A hydraulic cylinder which helps with controlling the drive using energy from the engine
  • Electric Actuator: Electric computer with sensors on the torsion bar to sense when the drive needs assistance in steering
  • Hydraulic Cylinder: Pump which gives single direction force
  • Rotary Vane Pump: High pressure pump which assists with the hydraulic cylinder in power steering
  • Cylinder Barrel, Base and Head: Holds the parts of the hydraulic cylinder and encloses the pressure
  • Seal: Holds the hydraulic fluid or oil in the hydraulic cylinder
  • Torsion Bar: Measures the amount of torque applied to the wheels
  • Steering Column: Connects the steering wheel to the drive system
  • Flow Control Valve: Valve which is connected to the hydraulic cylinder

For expert Power Steering Services with a Nationwide Warranty and a competitive price, contact Blackwood Dyno Tune & Service. We are located at 2 Stirling Road and we also service customers in surrounding Coromandel Valley, Glenalta and beyond.

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