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Safe-T-Stop gets you back on track

If your car no longer stops as efficiently as it once did, or you find yourself rocking and rolling rather than cornering smoothly, a Safe-T-Stop test will soon pinpoint any problems you may have with your brakes, suspension or related components and get your braking back on track.

Your car's braking and suspension play a very important role in making sure that your car stops quickly and safely, especially when you really need to. Here at Blackwood Dyno Tune & Service in Blackwood we take your safety very seriously. This is why we have invested in a state of the art Safe-T-Stop testing machine and are an approved Safe-T-Stop Testing Centre.

Having a Blackwood Dyno Tune & Service technician inspect the suspension and brake systems of your vehicle on our specialised Safe-T-Stop test Lanes can quickly and accurately pinpoint any potential problems with these systems and related components by simulating and accurately measuring a vehicle's brake performance in real-life conditions.

A Safe-T-Stop check will provide a precise and detailed printed report that enables the qualified technicians at Blackwood Dyno Tune & Service to advise you on any critical adjustments that should be made.

Along with the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your vehicle will stop straight and in the shortest possible distance in an emergency, having your braking and suspension system in peak operating condition save you money by reducing tyre drag and tyre wear which can increase petrol consumption.

Want to know more about safe braking and suspension?

Find out more about Safe-T-Stop Testing at http://www.safetstop.com.au or visit www.repcoservice.com for more about Shock Absorbers or Brake Service.

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