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Dyno Tuning is high tech tune up of your vehicle, specifically the engine, by a suitably qualified mechanic. The term ‘Dyno’ comes from the specialised equipment used in the tune up, called a dynamometer. Using a dynamometer, a qualified Blackwood Dyno Tune & Service automotive technician can measure engine speed and torque, which can then be used to calculate engine-power output.

 Dyno Tuning Blackwood 

All this can be achieved safely and without your car even leaving the workshop.

Dynamometers use rollers to allow the testing of specific speed or torque settings under controlled conditions. This then allows the mechanic performing the Dyno Tune to fine tune your engine based on very specific test results. Adjusting the air/fuel ratio to better suit your type of engine for example, can greatly improve performance yet maintain maximum fuel efficiency.  

Dyno Tuning in Blackwood

Many performance components on the market today boast huge horsepower and torque gains.

While individually some of those claims may be realistic, knowing what combinations of parts to use is essential in getting the most from your performance dollars. Using our two wheel Chassis Dyno, Blackwood Dyno Tune can graph horsepower and torque increases and fine tune those combinations to get the most from the parts being installed while maintaining a realistic Fuel Efficiency.

Corvette Engine Bay Ford Falcon BA XR6 Turbo 11 foxxy chrysler valiant engine A clean as a whistle 1000 CFM 4 barrel throttle body sits on top of the inlet manifold modified to suit fuel injection

Blackwood Dyno Tune uses some of the most respected brand names in the industry to tune your vehicle. Our dyno is a 650Kw Dyno Dynamics unit, complete with the latest shootout mode. We have access to all of the latest scan tools to check and reset ECU code operations. A Pico scope also ensures that we get the best results possible. We also clean and test our own injectors, rather than using a 3rd party service, on our own injector test and clean bench.

 engine bay dyno tune Dyno Tune Engine Performance Increases Blackwood 

Our experience has come from building our own race and drag cars and competing with success in competitions where every kilowatt counts, against some of the fastest and most powerful cars around.

Hot Rod Flat Head Ford Falcon BA XR6 Turbo 5 Subaru Impreza WRX 2 Viper 

Contact us and book your car in for a Dyno Tune in Blackwood.

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