Wheel Bearing Services


Wheel bearing problems occur due to excessive loads on the bearing (e.g. potholes) and heat build up due to lack of lubrication.

This lack of lubrication creates heat and metal fatigue, which will cause the bearing to fail.

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Why Choose Blackwood Dyno Tune?

  • Decades of Service & Experience: We have been established for over 20 years and offer a combined experience of decades.
  • Courteous Customer Service: We are friendly, honest and dedicated to our customer service.
  • Fair & Competitive Prices: We pride ourselves on charging you only what you should be paying, and no more.
  • Local and International Vehicle Experience: We can work on any type of car, old or new, European or Australian.

Blackwood Dyno Tune Wheel Bearing Services:

  • Wheel bearing hub assembly repair
  • Dust shield repair
  • Bearing replacement
  • Cleaning and repacking bearings with grease

Signs & Symptoms of a Broken Wheel Bearing

The best way to self-diagnose a failed wheel bearing is listening for sounds. If you hear squeals, grinding, whining or other abnormal sounds while you’re driving, it’s important to take it to a wheel bearing specialist. Whether the noises are loud at times and soft at others, it’s a good sign there’s a problem that needs rectifying.

Wheel Bearing Terms To Learn

It’s a good idea to brush up on your car knowledge to understand what each part does. The wheel bearing system is made up of a range of parts, which perform the following:

  • Hub Assembly: Connects the brakes and drive axle (may also house the brake sensors)
  • Spindle: Connects the hub assembly to the suspension system

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